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The Adjust Exchange Rates batch job supports different valuation methods in order to meet legal requirements in Germany. Valuation Methods According to the Bilanz Modernisierungs Gesetz BilMoGpayables and receivables are valued differently depending on the difference between the exchange rates currency date and the due date.

This is managed by the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job where you can specify which valuation method to use. If the due date is less than one year after the reference date, the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job must be run using the lowest value valuation method.

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The following table describes the valuation methods. Note: Ledger entries must contain a due date. An entry that does not have a due date is treated as a long term liability. Lowest value Exchange rates are adjusted by using the lowest value of the two exchange rates.

exchange rates currency

Currency losses are always calculated and posted. Currency gains are only calculated and posted up lavoro a domicilio offerte the original exchange rates currency currency value of the transaction.

Valuation Methods

This ensures that receivables are exchange rates currency valued above their original posting amounts, and that payables are not valued below their original posting amounts. Standard Exchange rates are adjusted according to standard valuation principles.

exchange rates currency

Full unrealized gains and losses are calculated and posted. If the transaction is partially applied, only the remaining amount is included in the adjustment.

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For more information, exchange rates currency Adjust Exchange Rates. This ensures that each transaction is adjusted using the appropriate valuation method as required in Germany.

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This also enables two fields in the request window, where you can specify the two dates that must be used to calculate the adjustment. The following table describes the fields.

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