Option navigator commissioni

option navigator commissioni

Can I set a maximum dollar exposure for my account? Unless an account holds solely long stock, bond, option or forex positions which have been paid for in full i.

option navigator commissioni

In the case of portfolios where the risk is indeterminable, there is no mechanism whereby the account holder can specify, at the portfolio level, a maximum dollar threshold of losses which, if reached, would limit their liability. IB does, however, provide option navigator commissioni variety of tools and settings designed to assist account holders with managing and option navigator commissioni their option navigator commissioni, including specialized order types, alerts and the Risk Navigator.

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option navigator commissioni A brief overview of each is provided below: Order Types Account holders may manage exposure on an individual trade level through several order types designed to limit risk. All of these order types allow you to specify an exit level option navigator commissioni your individual positions based on your risk tolerance.

It's important to note, however, that while a Stop Limit eliminates the price risk associated with a Stop order where the execution price is not guaranteed, it exposes the account option navigator commissioni to the risk that option navigator commissioni order may never be filled even if the Stop Price is reached.

For instructions on creating a Stop Limit order, click here. Alerts Alerts provide account holders the ability to specify events or conditions which, if met, trigger an action.

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The conditions can be based on time, trades that occur in the account, price levels, trade volume, or a margin cushion. The action may consist of an email or text notification or the triggering of a risk reducing trade.

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For instructions on creating an Alert, click here. Risk Navigator The Risk Navigator is a real-time market risk management platform contained within the TraderWorkstation, which provides the account holder option navigator commissioni the ability to create 'what-if' scenarios to measure exposure given user-defined changes to positions, prices, date and volatility variables which may impact their risk profile.

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For information on using an Risk Navigator, click here.

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